Soho Consultancy

Sometimes you need an immediate reaction, whether it be opportunity or crisis led. Your case may be a bit more complicated than the norm, and you need dedicated time immediately allocated to your deal so that it can be properly understood, then structured and funded quickly. Embracing this, Soho has created a specialist team led by Steven McColl, who can act quickly in response to your same day needs.

What’s covered…

The offering is a ‘down tool’ service, whereby we will allocate first available resource to your case, usually same day.

We will: –

  1.  Review the case.
  2.  Structure the case to an investor ready format for funding.
  3.  Place your deal to market, being our investors and funders.
  4.  Get you a quick (same day / next day) response, with best endeavour delivering you a funding offer or a report on reaction & response to your requirement from the funders and investors.

Package Options…

  • Option 1 – 2 hours work, £300
  • Option 2 – Half Day, 3.5 hours work, £500
  • Option 3 – Full Day, £1,000

Payment in full in advance of project commencement, with timeline pre-agreed at start of project.

Let’s get going…

Please fill out this quick form or call 0131 208 1220 and we’ll get the process started for you.

Consultancy Enquiry

* It may be necessary to share personal data with relevant partners and third parties in order to process enquiries, supply quotes and provide loan particulars.  Individuals submitting their details to us must accept our need to share their information with third parties in order to achieve the objective at hand.  Please read our Privacy Policy for more information.